Premium, freshly-imported octopus. Boiled and cut into bite-sized pieces to allow customers to enjoy the juicy and chewy flesh.

Generously-sized, and cooked to perfection. Firm and succulent with a tinge of natural sweetness.

Premium pork that is air-flown in vacuum-sealed packs. Only fresh shoulder bacon is used, as shoulder meat is known to be lean. Leaves a mild and pleasant aftertaste.


Sliced with precision to yield the optimal thickness which is tasteful yet not overwhelming.

Otherwise known as dried bonito flakes, are made from smoked and dried bonito fish. These are also imported direct from Japan and complements the takoyaki by providing the extra texture and flavour.

Deep fried flour, otherwise known as tempura flakes, with a pinch of a secret ingredient to derive that distinct taste and aroma to our takoyaki.

Takoyaki sauce
Another of our best-kept secrets, with a recipe that requires special care in its preparation in order to allow the sauce's taste to blend wonderfully with the takoyaki, giving it a mildly sweet flavour.

Mayonnaise sauce
Specially-whipped sauce which is adapted to complement the takoyaki sauce perfectly. This is another of our founder's secret recipes which is only available in this part of the world.

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